1.  Have   a  nice  Holiday                  祝你假期愉快.

2.  welcome  to  Kaohsiung             歡迎來高雄.

3.Take an umbrella in case it rains     帶著傘以防萬一.

4.Your English is getting better and better.    你的英文愈來愈好了.

5.Let's give her a big welcome.     讓我們給她一個熱烈的歡迎.

6.What's holding you up?                什麼事眈擱你了.

7.You have the potential to be a singer.    你具有當歌手的潛力.

8.We 'd love to hear from you.             我們期待你的回音.

9.Thank you for your cooperation .    謝謝你的合作 .

10.How do you like it here ?                   你覺得這裡如

11.Everything.will be O.K.                   一切將會沒事.

12.There' s nothing to worry about.   沒有什麼好擔心的.

13.Taipower  Company                          台灣電力公司.

14.Like  father  like  son.                      有其父必有其子.

15.Monkey  see. monkey  do  .              有樣學樣.

16.Seeing  is  beliving                           百聞不如一見.

17.You  can' t  teach  an  old  dog new  tricks   老狗學不了新把戲  枉費心機.

18.Never too old  to  learn                            活到老學到老.

19.That' s  a  good  idea                               真是個好主意.

20. I  Think  Mr  A will win                    我想A先生會勝.

21.  I'm  looking  for  a  job.                    我正在找工作.

22.  There's  no  need  to  be  afraid .   無須害怕.

23. Wed love to hear from you.       我們期待你的回音.

24. Time's up     時間到了.

25. I have a problem.       我有一個問題.

26.How are you feeling ? 你覺得如何?

27. A cheerful heart is good medicine. 喜樂的心乃是良藥.

28. It's not my day.  我今天真倒霉.

29. The job is easy Even I can do it  這個工作很簡單.甚至連我都會做.

30. I  live far away from my school .  我住得離學校很遠.

31. Are you sure that he is coming?  你確定他會來嗎?

32. You often lie. last time I forgave you .this time i'll punish  you.


33. At least we are have three weeks for classes. 


34. Alittle home work is better than none.


35.Whose jewelry are these?


36.There are many modern painting in art museum.


37. We're feeling bored. when she kept an  talking same thing.


38.  What time start is not decided yet. 


39. I'll    show you how to make a  Kite.   

我做給你看.如何做一個風爭 .      

39. this article will be next continued on page .


40. He little boy with a pail larry


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